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Books On TV™ - Professional Television Production

Intelligent + Efficient = Fast to Market

The Books on™ method enables you to focus your advertising dollars to a large, yet targeted audience of TV viewers. Statistically, most people get their new product information from television, and tend to value that information more highly than other media. TV can support a web campaign, and vice versa.

Our easy-to-use form is your key to the benefits of this unique advertising method. Real people review all of your order information. We will contact you by email to let you know how to send your images and to clarify the details. Next we design and build the commercial, including your photo, property pictures, and brokerage logo if you provided one. You'll see the finished TV commercial, and have a chance to ask us to make adjustments. Then, we schedule your air time based on your order information, and you're on the air.

Sure, It's Free, But is It Good?

Our professionally produced ads are all-original, not made from templates, or from pre-made ads. We write your ad fresh, looking at your publication through the eyes of your potential customer.

When you get a Books On™ production, you're getting quality, experience, and above all, originality. Our experienced production team has won over 100 awards specifically for our TV commercial productions. We are professional producers with many years of experience creating television commercials for businesses large and small. Just among our three founders, we have won over 125 filmmaking and videography awards.

We don't expect awards for our website; we already win awards for making good-looking, clever, effective television commercials.

Simple, Elegant Style = Excellent Branding

Television commercials by Books On™ include high quality production music, special effects, text, and your book cover art or company logo. We can also add up to four additional images (suitable for multible books, for example). Color and theme choices for the ad are inspired by your cover art and genre, along with other preferences and details you give us. For example, your ad can reflect a color theme that recalls the colors of your website or book art.

Which TV production is better quality: The "Shelley" or The "Byron"?

Your commercial will be of the same high quality regardless of the all-in-one advertising package you select. The bonus is that they're both free. Your air time buy goes directly into your media schedule.

How Does Branding Help My Book Sales?

Branding is just another word for trust. People buy things when they want or need them. For example, books, CDs and DVDs make excellent gifts. When they're ready to buy, branding helps them think of YOU, first.

Authors are keenly aware of the need to make sure the public knows their names, their faces, and the depth of experience they can bring to a work of literature, be it a dramatic novel, a how-to book, or a business publication.

Retail and online bookstores, too, like to know that their book sales are being supported.

Properly promoted, an author or bookseller can become a household name - a “brand.” When people know you, they trust you with their hard earned money, and when they are ready to take action, yours will be the first call they make.

Scientific studies on the effects of brand names on the human brain have shown that the brain reacts more quickly and more positively to familiar brand symbols. Familiar brands bring up positive emotions, which prompts faster recall of the brand name, and identifying with the brand. [Source: HealthDay News, Nov. 28, 2006.]

Our producers have earned over 100 awards for our low-cost television commercial productions.

Nationwide - across the U.S. on quality networks

Locally - anywhere in the country

with your air time purchase

We take 100% OFF the cost of your TV commercial production when you buy your air time with Books on TV™. Our packages are priced smart for your TV marketing needs.


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