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Books On TV™ - Common Questions


The television commercial is free, even with your most economical air time package. What's the catch?

What will my commercial look like?

Where and when will my commercial be aired on TV?

Can I see the commercial before it goes on TV?

I want to run my own, existing TV commercial. Can I air it using your service?

'TOP-UP YOUR TV AIRINGS' - what's that?

What are the payment options?

I am offering a product that's not a book, per se. Can you advertise items other than books?

The television commercial is free -- even with your most economical air time package. What's the catch?

That's all there is to it. When you buy one of our air time bundles, the ad is included. We don't keep some big chunk of your air time payment -- we use it all to buy your air time. We are able to make this incredible offer because we're experienced television pros with the knowhow and resources to pull it off.

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What will my commercial look like?

Your 30-second commercial will be designed around the photos, cover art, and other information that you provide us. Examples of television commercials we've done can be seen on our Samples page.

Our team has won numerous national and international awards for TV ad productions. We know just what we're doing. Your ad will turn out great!

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Where and when will my commercial be aired on TV?

Through our relationships with networks, cable systems, and broadcast affiliates, we can air your commercial just about anywhere you desire, with the only constraints being availability, rates and network approval.

Since each commercial is unique and each location is unique, the best air time for one advertiser may not be right for another. We evaluate your air time needs and create a custom schedule. In advance of your airing date we will inform you about the networks and times you are scheduled to air and when they will start.

We are a real agency, experienced in air time placement. Your commercial will be shown at the best times and best networks that money can buy - based on the demographic and location you are trying to reach. See our Air Time page.

Spanish language commercials - Our Spanish-language commercials are 100% Spanish. If your commercial is in Spanish, we'll air it on Spanish language channels.

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Can I see the commercial before it goes on TV?

Absolutely. We'll send you a Proof copy (usually as a Quicktime clip with a "watermark" to indicate that it is just a draft). If you see any typos or bloopers, we'll fix 'em. One round of typo/blooper corrections is included with your ad before completion. The final version for TV (and the final Quicktime for your website, if you're getting one) will not have the watermark.

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I want to run my own existing TV commercial. Can I air it using your service?

Sure. Just order your air time package, then send us a copy of your commercial on Beta SP Analog, DigiBeta, DV, DVCAM or DVCPRO tape or on DVD, along with your payment in full for your air time package. When we receive your tape and payment, we will process your order. If required, we can bring your production up to broadcast standard format.

Send sub-masters only; no originals. Tapes/disks cannot be returned.

Shipping tips: Pack your tape or disk carefully. Use bubble pack or foam padded envelopes. Please do NOT use fiber-padded envelopes; when they are opened they spill dust on your tape, which can render it unusable The US Post Office will give you a FREE shipping box or envelope suitable for tapes or disks. FedEx also has padded envelopes.

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'TOP UP YOUR AIRINGS' - what's that?

The more your ad runs, the more likely audiences will remember you when they decide to buy or sell a home.

Many advertisers choose to keep airing their commercials after their original air time package has finished. We call this a “Top-up.”

If you'd like to freshen up your commercial (change contact details / dates) just let us know. When you Top-Up, a “Refresh” of your commercial is available just for the asking.

If you need a Top-Up, just contact us with your customer ID number (your Invoice #), and we'll get you started.

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What are the payment options?

All you need to get started is $50, payable via credit card or PayPal. Your one-time reservation deposit of just $50 (applicable to your air time package) assures that your production is reserved. The reservation deposit is non-refundable. Orders not accompanied by the reservation deposit will not be processed. You'll receive an invoice via email for the balance of your order.

The reservation deposit is payable via credit card or PayPal. For the balance, we accept an Official Bank Check, Cashier's Check or company check.

For more payment information, see "How It Works."

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I am offering a product that's not a book, per se. Can you advertise items other than books?

Certainly. We do excellent commercials for all types of businesses and your great-looking graphics/text ad will be included free through our Books on service. We can advertise your book, e-book, audio-book, CD, or DVD. Examples include fiction, non-fiction, how-to, self-help and booksellers with multiple products. If your DVD is a film release, you may wish to try our sister service for filmmakers,

If you desire an enhanced design, we can create a custom 30-second commercial that includes lifestyle footage, voiceover, special effects and more, through our sister service, Cheap TV Spots®. Just ask us!

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Our producers have earned over 100 awards for our low-cost television commercial productions.

Nationwide - across the U.S. on quality networks

Locally - anywhere in the country

with your air time purchase

We take 100% OFF the cost of your TV commercial production when you buy your air time with Books on TV™. Our packages are priced smart for your TV marketing needs.


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