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Books On TV™ - Samples

National Quality with Understated Elegance

Our price for a national or local airing package: as little as $2,999.

30-second TV ad production is included FRËE, with your air time campaign.

Click one of the images below to watch a TV advertisement demo in Flash®.

These demos include the optional voiceover feature and lifestyle footage.

"Educational CD" example ad*

"Book Seller" example ad*

* Flash 8 or newer required to play these samples.

Our producers have earned over 100 awards for our low-cost television commercial productions.

Nationwide - across the U.S. on quality networks

Locally - anywhere in the country

with your air time purchase

We take 100% OFF the cost of your TV commercial production when you buy your air time with Books on TV™. Our packages are priced smart for your TV marketing needs.


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